Youth General Assembly is an autonomous assembly that has been formed in order to provide a credible platform that instigates the true sense of policy & strategy making, equitable administration and non-customary legislative, public speaking and social issues by empowering enthusiasm in youth for being the future ambassadors and democrats. The aim is to inculcate the convening and confronting qualities amongst the youth to expand their perspective and knowledge regarding true democracy and parliamentary politics.

We work to improve the socio-political system of Pakistan by developing passion in youth to observe and practice politics and governance in the environment where each social class have equal opportunities in becoming part of the political system of the country, this will provide opportunities to youth for taking part in policy development.

We believe that youth, as civil society activists, has the power to be significant agents of positive change. We wish to represent Pakistan as a responsible global citizen.

We also believe that awareness of the International issues and knowledge of the global systems is the best way to learn from and improve systems in our own country.

YGA always focused on bringing up youth to provide them with that platform where they can utilize their intellectual skills to draft resolutions and policies that make the path to legislative institutes. This is really important to empower youth to participate in socially beneficial and humanitarian activities, YGA promote and develop such projects in which youth is encouraged to serve the society in the best manner. These aims are keeping YGA proud and dedicated to making our country’s youth to take responsibility for making their society full of morality and equality. We wish to infuse a passion for our youth to diffuse international and national crises.