Beyond The Youth:

Beyond the Youth is a flagship event of the Youth General Assembly. This event helps enable young policy and strategy makers to come forward and showcase their leadership qualities. BTY provides a platform for the youth to present their ideas and policies which could serve to eradicate the socio-economic problems in the country. This event contributes towards bridging the generational gap between our policymakers and youth. Activities which hone the intellectual, physical, and mental capabilities of the students are arranged whose details and participation procedures are enclosed.

BTY’s Vision:

A country, which comprises about 63% of youth, suffers from inadequate youth representation at the national level. We have not been able to train and equip our youth with the essential skills they need to become leaders in their communities. Our vision is to provide a sustainable platform for the youth, so, they take ownership and responsibility for the country’s development.

BTY’s Aim:

It is a one-day conference where guests from different fields and professions will be invited who will enlighten the participants with the necessary skills they would need to excel in life. The sessions are aimed to equip the participants with basic leadership and interpersonal skills.

Youth General Assembly organized Beyond The Youth on December 4th, 2022