Climate change and peacebuilding have remained one of the most discussed topics in the country this year and therefore, we introduced a new segment to Beyond The Youth (BTY) i.e. “Confluence 4 Peace”

Confluence 4 Peace, was organized as one of the sub-segments of BTY, intended to engage young people in developing peace-building dialogues, roadmaps, bridges, and strategies centered around climate change. Confluence 4 Peace helped the participants in identification of the conciliation benefits, as climate change is already affecting the entire region, with no borders attached.

As future generations have more to lose, therefore we brought together youngsters and adolescents, with an emphasis on the shared cultural characteristics of the South Asian region, to introduce the next generation of change agents that would focus on creating common projects, sharing ideas, and engaging with local governments, and thus, be the seeds of peacebuilding while trying to overcome the challenges associated with climate change.

C4P Contributors:

Advising Team:


Toolkit & Report:

Confluence 4 Peace Toolkit 2023

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide a direction to organize the activities during the BTY and this has been prepared in consultation with young people, who are the engaged members of Youth General Assembly. The purpose of the toolkit is not telling young people what to think, rather to think critically about the world around them!

C4P Impact Report:

Confluence 4 Peace Impact Report